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Renting commercial properties includes lengthy negotiations that can seem endless. We shall do our best to ease the contract negotiations process for our clients with advantageous results based on our abundant knowledge of the market and experience.
From finding the property to negotiations, contracts and support during the lease period as well as processing after moving out, we provide consitstently high quality work.
In addition, we can start working with you before you come to New York so we are able to help you hit the ground running so please do not hesitate to contact us from the very beginning of the process.

Step by step to rent office space

Step 1 Free consultation (click to confirm details)

Understand customer ‘s needs, explain the procedure of leasing · Explain required expenses · Select properties suitable for your needs from a huge database

Check items & explanation

  • Usage
  • Funding plan (budget)
  • Necessary expenses
  • Select properties suitable for your needs from a huge database
  • Introduce legal professionals, accountants, architects and other experts as necessary
Step 2 Property Viewing (Click to see details)

We will efficiently show you properties according to your needs.

Manhattan · Queens · Brooklyn · Bronx · Staten Island · We can show properties in all 5 boroughs.

Step 3 Offer (application for property) (click to confirm details)

Let’s make an offer if you find the property you like.

We also discuss negotiation items.
Negotiation contents · Check items

  • Rent
  • Rate increase rate
  • Contract period
  • Deposit
  • Duration of free rent
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Utilities fee
  • Option to renew
  • Good Guy Guarantee
  • Build Out refurbishment cost by tenant’s share
  • HVAC installation
  • Accessibility time
  • Repairs
  • Signs

Other on a case by case basis

Step 4 Agreement (click to confirm details)

Landlord / tenant attorney information exchange

After the agreement and the contract is completed, there is a consideration period of 3 to 7 days.
In the meantime, if necessary, further negotiations will be made through lawyers.

Step 5 Last inspection of property (click to confirm details)

Confirm the final inspection of the property before closing.

Inspection location
• Check for malfunctions such as electric appliances, water, refrigerator, air conditioner etc.
• When repair is required, negotiate the cost burden and repair time.

Step 6 Closing (Click to confirm details)


  • Photo ID in English (must have the same name as the contract signer)
  • Check
  • Insurance policy

Contract completion! Thank you for your hard work.

※  We coordinate office furniture, real estate attorney, accountant, architect, and interior designer, etc.

Executive Office (Share office / Co-working Office) space

If you are looking for a shared office / Co-working office, the procedure is simplified.
Rent price: single-person office (space for desks and chairs only) $ 600 to $ 2,000.
Often the rent includes office utilities. Internet, telephone and printer, etc are extra charges.
Period: 1 month ~ You can choose freely. ⇒ If long contract period, it is often possible to negotiate rent.
Deposit: Generally,1 month of rent.

The contract is simple, and the documents to be submitted are often only identification cards.
Credit card payment is possible, normally the contract is completed in one day, and you can start using the space from the next day.

Office lease · preparation

Transaction is smooth if you are prepared in advance.

Attoney Fee $2,000~$5,000
Credit check Fee $50~150
Insurance Case by case
Renovation Case by case
Permit for sign Case by case
License Case by case
Security Depotit 3 months rent
Rent 1st month rent

※ Deposit Quotation
It is usually three months’ rent, but if credit history (credit check) cannot be done in the US, or if the credit score (credit score) is low, it is likely that the security deposit will be increased. In that case, you may be able to sign up with a security deposit of three months rent by pre-paying rent or by attaching a Guarantor (guarantor).
※ Brokerage fee
Brokerage fee for commercial properties are usually paid by the owner, so it is not incurred by the tenants.
However, in the rare occasions when the owner is an individual or a small management company, the fee may be paid by the tenants.
In the case of payment by the tenant, you may feel like you are paying extra, but in the long run, it is often profitable since the rent might be cheaper, so please judge accordingly, as the brokerage fee is added to the rent to begin with when paid by the owner.


Required Documents (For everyone signed in the contract · English translation required)
  • W2 Form  withholding leaflet (English translation) over the past 1-2 years⇒ sample
  • Tax Returns (English translation) over the past 1-2 years⇒ sample
  • Pay stub Payroll Statement (English translation) Over the past 3 months
  • Certificate of incorporation company foundation certificate
  • Employment letter (English) Recent⇒ sample
  • Financial statements⇒ sample
  • Bank Statement (English) Over the past 1 to 3 months
  • Copy of photo ID in English (passport etc.)
  • Reference letter⇒ sample1 ・ sample2 ・ sample3 ・ sample4

Documents required by the property are case by case.
There are also documents that require notarization (Notarize). Procedures are available at the notary office or the American embassy.

Office rent quotes in New York

It is classified into the highest class A to class C.
Rent price: $ 40 to $ 200 per square meter (SF)

How to display lease area

• Available area Usable (USF) Actual lease space
• Rentable area Rentable (RSF) Spaces shared with other tenants on the same floor, such as elevators, corridors, and toilets
The rent is calculated based on the leasable area (RSF).
Leasable area (RSF) – Loss Factor (shared space) Approximately 30% = available area (USF)

For a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Client Reviews

I was able to start work in New York smoothly.

Nami’s consultation helped me from the beginning of my project until the end and everything went smoothly.

She listened carefully to my requests and me only the properties that fit those requests. I was grateful for her efficiency since I did not have much time.

Thanks to her, I found the perfect office space the first day and I was able to move in immediately. I was able to start work in New York smoothly. She also helped me with all of the paperwork.

If you are looking for office space, I strongly recommend Nami.

Resident of New York, Office worker, Mr.Shinsuke Yamamoto