Property management

Finally you acquired the investment property you were looking for.
However, the owner may have to spend lots of time and effort acting on your behalf.

As an owner, does this trouble you?

  • I am concerned about a vacancy until I find the next tenant.
  • I do not know how to find a good tenant.
  • It takes time and effort to remind tenants that their rent is due when they are late.
  • I do not want to take time to respond to complaints from tenants.
  • I do not know how to respond to issues between residents.
  • I always ask the building manager about repair requests, which is somewhat frustrating.
  • I feel that repair costs are high.
  • I feel frustrated that management often does not reply to me promptly.

Please be assured. Experienced staff will respond quickly and politely.

    Finding new tenants

After having thoroughly interviewed the candidate and run a credit check, we report to the owner. Negotiate the lease agreement · Help tenants to move-in smoothly.

    When the rent payment is delayed

We request that the tenant pay promptly. In some cases, we shall bring in a lawyer who can initiate legal procedures.

    Handle tenant complaints rapidly and effectively

In many cases we can respond promptly with experience from past cases.
When repairs are necessary, we obtain a quotation / repair request.
Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

For a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Client Reviews

I was able to convince and then decide.

Last year, I asked for Nami’s assistance in purchasing properties in Manhattan where I had been thinking about investing for some time.

I saw the website and thought that she would do the best for me. As I expected, she always responded quickly and politely from the beginning to the end.

New York had only visited once for sightseeing several years ago.

First of all, she recommended me to obtain a rough market view and area information.
During my short stay, she showed me many properties efficiently. She showed not only the properties I was asking for also the recommended properties that are popular with investors.

She gave me a lecture about the point of how to check the properties and the advantages and disadvantages of each property in a very helpful way.

When I was not deciding on the property, she investigated the property in detail. I asked her many times, and she patiently responded. Thus I was able to decide by consent.

Sorry, it took me some time to submit all the necessary documents and caused her inconvenience. I think she might have spent lots of time for this deal. Thank you for always carefully responding.

I ask her to continue to do my property management, thank you very much.


Resident of Tokyo, Restaurant owner, Mr. Kazuo Masuda