• The best service offered real estate company in New York

  • The best service offered real estate company in New York

  • The best service offered real estate company in New York

  • The best service offered real estate company in New York

  • The best service offered real estate company in New York

Greeting from the president


Nami Loup


Thank you for visiting our website this time.Based on our mission of "helping people to make their dreams come true and open up the future together".It is joy and vitality to tomorrow to be always trusted by customers, and provide proper advice and support from the customer's point of view. We will make every effort to serve you. Thank you very much.


I learned the highest grade customer service in correspondence with the world's VIP at the foreign airlines in Europe and Asia as an international flight attendant. And I learnt thoroughly sales and banquet planning management overseas as a sales for local Japanese companies at Asian Japanese five-star hotels.

In New York, after being experienced as a sales of rental and sale properties, commercial properties, and management of properties, I became independent in 2015. After independent, I gather information of the rapidly changing real estate market in New York, keep sensitive to changes in daily life and constantly provide the latest service.

We are familiar with the differences in real estate in New York and business customs between Japan and the US and based on experience, we support selection of the best property for sale, rent and selection of tenants if you are owner.

New York State Certified Real Estate Broker License
Japan National Certified Real Estate Transaction Agent License

Three reasons why we are chosen.

Customer first


Taking advantage of overseas customer service sales experiences over many years, we will flexibly exchange with owner and management from different countries at the race melting pot New York, we will negotiate strongly until the contract is completed.
For each customer, with feeling like a family member, we try our best to be as personal as possible.

The largest real estate listings in New York


We are proud of the abundant number of properties of New York's largest real estate industry site.
We disclose not only merit but also disadvantage and understanding.

An abundant knowledge and network


A Japanese staff who is closely tied to New York and who knows the city can provide useful advice and area information for actually living.
We are collaborating with experts in each field, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, real estate appraisers, architects, designers, interior designers, insurance companies, and engineers, and we are working on risk management of areas.

Area information:

New York consists of five administrative districts "Manhattan","Queens","Brooklyn","Bronx",and"Staten Island"

New York, America's largest city where people, goods, money, culture, religion gather from all over the world, is unparalleled and diverse. Even though it is a big city, many parks and riverside can feel free to interact with nature in the central park and other places. And you can enjoy the cityscape by walking around the city which mixes elegant historical buildings with more than 100 years of history and modern high-rise buildings by renowned architects.

An energetic and exciting city where something new happens every day, also the center of finance, a place of trends in all fields such as food, fashion, art, music, people, etc. This is a city of yearning that everyone in the world once would like to visit.

Listings for sale in New York City

Client Reviews

Ms.Nami Loup helps us with great performance every time.

She is an exclusive person who has taken care of us quite often each time we visit NY!
She helped us with great performance each time from coordination of property inspection tours, support for business negotiations and tour guide.

And, above all, we are attracted to Nami enough to say that all employees “Nami when speaking of NY!” who has beauty and bright character (haha)

It has been already 3 years since we first ask her to coordinate. We are always surprised and amazed by her performance with detail oriented care. Especially when we came here for the first time, we did not know anything, but she helped as a lot.

Even if we ask for considerable impossible request, she always try her best to accommodate. We rely on her. Since we are also planning to advance to NY in the future, in that case we will definetely ask for her help.

Humbly thank you for your continued relationship from now on.

Resident of Tokyo, C.E.O.of MORIO CO., LTD. Mr.Natsuhiko Morita

I was able to convince and then decide.

Last year, I asked for Nami’s assistance in purchasing properties in Manhattan where I had been thinking about investing for some time.

I saw website and thought that she would do the best for me. As I expected, she always responded quickly and politely from the beginning to the end.

New York had only visited once for sightseeing several years ago.

First of all, she recommended me to obtain a rough market view and area information.
During my short stay, she showed me many properties efficiently. She showed not only the properties I was asking for also the recommended properties that are popular with investors.

She gave me a lecture about the point how to check the properties, and the advantages and disadvantages of each property in a very helpful way.

When I was not deciding on the property, she investigated the property in details. I asked her many times, and she patiently responded. Thus I was able to decide by consent.

Sorry, it took me some time to submit all the necessary documents and caused her inconvenience. I think she might have spent lots of time for this deal. Thank you for always carefully responding.

I ask her to continue to do my property management, thank you very much.


Resident of Tokyo, Restaurant owner, Mr. Kazuo Masuda

I am very satisfied with Nami’s support after my purchase.

Thank you for always taking care of me with the utmost kindness and respect.

I am very satisfied with the care Ms.Nami Loup provided following my real estate purchase.

When there was a leak in my bathroom, she interacted with the property management company late into the night and thanks to the proper follow-up after the repair, the situation was solved without any complaints.

I am thankful for your support and sorry for how much I depend on you.
Thank you very much.

Resident of Osaka, Self-employed Mr.Wataru Matsumoto

I am very satisfied with the price you obtained for me from my home sale.

Thank you very much for selling my property at my desired price.

As soon as I reached out to Nami, she promptly called me back.

Since she was very polite and made a positive first impression, I decided to hire her as my broker and she was able to sell my property without ever waivering from my asking price.

I am so happy to have sold me apartment in 2 months at the price I wanted.
I am grateful that I decided to work with you.

Thank you!

Resident of London, Office worker, Ms. Nobuko Sasaki

From beginning to end, I was able to work through my real estate transaction with confidence

Because I was purchasing properties in the US for the first time, I was concerned. I needed some help.When I found Ms. Nami Loup’s website, it made a good impression on me and she replied to my inquiry as soon I contacted her.

In our first Skype meeting, she took me through the process of purchasing real estate in New York and she helped me understand the complex procedure.

Before arriving in New York, she sent me information on many properties and we exchanged many emails and had many Skype meetings so I was able to focus only on the properties I was interested in during my limited time in New York.

I had a tough time choosing between 3 properties so Nami advised me to look at them once again and was able to arrange the showings within a short amount of time. This helped choose the property that was best for me.She guided me through all of the complicated procedures of the purchase and, thanks to her, everything went smoothly.

Ms Loup was kind, polite and reliable so, from beginning to end, I was able to work through my real estate transaction with confidence.

I realized that the experience and personality of the sales representative are very important. I am very thankful to you and I shall definitely work with you again if I buy additional properties in New York.

Residnet of Hokkaido, Self-employed, Mr.Ichiro Mitsuda

We sincerely thank you.

Thank you very much for helping us to purchase an apartment.

Because we live in Japan, we did not know if we could buy property in New York.

Nami explained everything thoroughly and carefully and I am thankful to her from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much and thank you for managing my property while we are in Japan.

Resident of Tokyo, Housewife, Mrs. Kyoko Tanaka

After some consulting from Ms.Nami Loup, the deal started coming together

It has been a longstanding dream of mine to open a cafe in New York and I did not know where to start. After some consulting from Nami the deal started coming together. In addition to providing me with information on the property and the latest trends in the New York real estate market, Nami also introduced me to an excellent lawyer and accountant.

She was always responsive over the phone and email and her positive encouragement really helped. It was great to have her by my side. I hope to be able to open my cafe within the year. Thank you very much.

Resident of Tokyo, Cafe owner, Mr.Yoichi Masuda

I was able to sign a contract with very favorable conditions.

Nami spent months looking for retail spaces for me.

I finally found a property that I liked, but the contract negotiations were difficult and complicated.

She stood by me and negotiated tenaciously and I was able to sign a contract with very favorable conditions.

I’m really thankful to her!

Resident of New York, Boutique owner, Ms. Mariko Otsuka

I was able to start work in New York smoothly.

Nami’s consultation helped me from the beginning of my project until the end and everything went smoothly.

She listened carefully to my requests and me only the properties that fit those requests. I was grateful for her efficiency since I did not have much time.

Thanks to her, I found the perfect office space the first day and I was able to move in immediately. I was able to start work in New York smoothly. She also helped me with all of the paperwork.

If you are looking for office space, I strongly recommend Nami.

Resident of New York, Office worker, Mr.Shinsuke Yamamoto

It was very popular with our customers.

A real estate inspection tour in New York was very popular with our customers.
Ms. Nami Loup efficiently showed them established properties, trendy properties and the newly built properties in New York.

We received comments of gratitude from our customers saying that they learned about the current real estate market in New York and the interesting situations related to acquiring real estate while Nami gave them the tour. Thank you very much.

We shall definitely ask her again for a real estate tour of New York.

Resident of Tokyo, Travey agency, Planning department, Ms.T.S.